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We do not outsource our call reception to robotic answer machines or third-party call centers. You get a real human being every single time. Or our answering machine.

Based Out Of The Chasco Inn

We are proud to be a resident on Main Street in New Port Richey’s oldest-standing commercial building! Originally the H.H. Haven’s, constructed in 1915, which was then renovated in 1917 to become the Chasco Inn. Find us on the second story in the office suites above the restaurants below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to develop a website?

Every project has it’s own scope to consider. Budget, time, and quality all factor in with one another. You cannot change one without affecting the others. We have completed projects within a week and some taking months. 

How does your monthly hosting work?

We have three different levels of hosting. Our Fine tier, Finer tier, and Finest tier. Each tier builds upon itself with its’ respective features. Our initial Fine tier of hosting starts at $10.00 a month.

Can we track our website views?

Yes you can! We have two options for tracking online patrons and what they are viewing. WordPress has a free option, called JetPack, that can track basic information for you and clicks. Google Analytics is free to host but is a paid service by Integrity Designs to set up, manage, and run reports.

What if I just want something simple?

We like to keep simple projects to a single-page website. Using pre-existing templates, readied content, and not being picky can see your project completed within 5 to 10 business days.

Does that include ongoing labor?

Ongoing labor such as software updates and security patches are necessary to the safety of your site. In the event a phone number must be changed or a picture swapped out, we can train yourself or include it in your hosting bill. Anything that is extensive will require an estimate.

How do you manage our email?

We have a wide variety of email options for your business to consider. Our recommended route is to use GSuite. We can route all of your companies emails to Googles, or a similar companies, cloud. We have a cloud-based email system as well for those looking to save on overhead.

Live Support

  • We offer live support through Facebook Messenger. This can be accessed through our website or Facebook itself. Have your query and domain in your initial message and we will get back to you instantly.


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